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Mt. Ararat and a Severe Warning to Mankind: Beyond Politics and Ideology


Hovhannes Pilikian

The God Question and Methodological Atheism

Privately; I am a Believer, but not a religious fanatic or a lunatic.  Formally, I am an Agnostic.  Methodologically speaking, I am an atheist. I abhor crimes committed in the name of Religion, any religion. Peaked in 1500s, and running for several centuries, the sickening Spanish Catholic Inquisition, the Witch hunts in Europe were proto-Nazi acts of archetypal misogyny – burning live several million innocent women at the stakes, a Euro-wide genocide targeted on specifically women by Christian anti-sex mentally ill impotent men-in-power; then the criminal Crusades killing in the name of Jesus, and now the modern-day cutting of throats by Muslim Fascists shouting “God is great”. Hindus known for ahimsa (=non-violence) suddenly turn mad and kill Muslims.  And the Lord’s silence at the sight of crimes committed in his name frequently turns my stomach and shakes my faith down to atheism.  Disgusting religious crimes apart, as a social scientist, I am in fact what I call a “methodological atheist”.  There is no point to science mixed with religion.  For the religious, God is all the answers to all the questions.  One must therefore suspend one’s religious beliefs, to be able to do true science, to discover the causes of natural phenomena.

With all due respect to the religious interpretations of the Christian Bible, I read the Bible (and I must be one of the few, who has read it from cover to cover even across the Clergy) precisely as Isaac Newton (1648-1727) – perhaps History’s greatest scientist – read it, as the greatest most important single book of all time, containing historical and scientific facts buried within its esoteric knowledge.  Newton spent priceless years of half his life trying to mine scientific nuggets from the Bible.  He failed, unfortunately, by asking the wrong questions. Newton’s Swedish disciple, and a mining expert, Emanuel Swedenborg in middle-age (1744) decided to dedicate the rest of his life to mining the Old Testament – he could hardly manage tackling the first two books, titling his decipherment (in Latin), Arcana Coelestia (= Heavenly Secrets, published 1749-56).

What I call the God-Question arose in philosophy very early on, almost at the same time as the very birth of philosophy itself, with the Pre-Socratics, 2,500 years ago, in the (Ha)Ionian Greece of ancient Armenian Anatolia.  Only fragments survive of their texts.

My favourite sage, Xenophanes (c. 570-475 BC) of the Colophon-city made an astonishing observation of impeccable atheism and modernity, an un-answerable argument even today;

“If cattle  or horses or lions had hands to draw with, and to forge  works of art as humans do, then horses would draw the forms of gods like horses, cattle like cattle, and they would make their gods’ bodies similar to the bodily shape they themselves each had” (fragment 15).  In other words, Man creates God in his own image, and not the other way round.

In the next fragment (No. 16), Xenophanes provided by the same logic further evidential proofs; “The Ethiopians say their gods are snub-nosed and black-skinned, the Thracians that they are blue-eyed and with red-hair”.  The awareness of ethnic cultural differences also indicates a vast black-African experience in ancient Greece (not yet fully understood by institutionally white racist modernist scholarship).  The reference of “the snub-nose” was an unambiguous indication of Black African origins, referred to and exemplified by the single surviving bust-portrait sculpture of Socrates, who was thus undoubtedly of African origin no Western Historian of Philosophy would wish to acknowledge.

Protagoras (490 – 420 BC) of the city of Abdera in Thrace (the Modern Balkans) was a pioneer of the God-question.  His essay titled On the Gods defined the epistemological question (of Agnosticism) with stunning post-modern clarity;

“Concerning the gods, I have no means of knowing either that they exist or that they do not exist, nor what sort of form they may have; there are many reasons why knowledge on this subject is not possible, owing to the lack of evidence and the brevity of human life” (Fr. 4).

There are those who believe that God is all things and Nothing, in all things, and as Clare Pilikian my philosopher wife puts it, “God is all forms and none, and all the Contents of those Forms”.

The greatest defect of modern science is its persistent denial of the Spiritual and/or the energy-bound, against all evidence;

(1)             when already Einstein’s famous theory (E=MC2) defined pure Energy’s total equilaterality with Mass,

(2)             when Quantum Physics and Mechanics demands such a cognition (hence recognition),

(3)             when all human activity and action (pure thought, feelings/emotions, all sense-perceptions) are transferable miraculously and unbelievably into sheer electrons running back and forth along neurons and their synaptic pathways, all webbed together in the brain constituting the mind.

(4)             It is extremely foolish of scientists to ignore the Placebo Effect, the greatest puzzle of modern medicine – “sugar pills” chemically worthless, containing absolutely no active medicinal chemical ingredients… yet they work on almost ‘religious’ faith alone and never without it, in their healing potential producing real quantifiable results.

(5)             It is scientific stupidity to acknowledge the mind as brain-power and simultaneously reject the Spiritual component of the material world as interconnected energy-fields, vibrations, and quark-and-quanta webbed communications systems.

Scientists like anorexics, self-harm mankind’s great scientific leaps forward by their inane self-imposed self-blinding masochistic blinkers denying and rejecting spiritual matters.   The mentally ill and incestuous German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche’s (1844-1900) own God may be dead, but not Einstein’s divine Spirit = E=MC2  – relatively insignificant Mass multiplied by the massive speed of light raised to its square root !

Secrets of the Methodology of Esoteric Sciences Unravelled

As Shakespeare’s Polonius famously referred to Hamlet, “there’s method in his madness…” What appears to modern science as speculative and hypothetical, esoteric facts actually, when grasped truly and deciphered as the hidden truth, contain accumulated knowledge and wisdom of the past millennia, which the present blinkered ‘scientific’ mankind is ignoring at its peril and total genocidal self-annihilation.

For the power-builder-holders of the ancient world, knowledge was the power- key, which they buried under layers and layers of deliberately obfuscated truthsThe ignorant and the illiterate, most of mankind, could not be trusted with the power of knowledge.  The overdue democratization of knowledge is entirely a phenomenon of modernity.  Ancient scientific knowledge must therefore be searched for and distilled from the treasures of a Bible.

Decades of research by me produced the following scientific methodology universal and fundamental to all esoteric entrapments globally, west and east.

Defined simply, two basic procedures emerge;

(1) Unity-in-opposites – Dialectical Opposites are both true.   The grand master of this profound wisdom is Heraclitus (c 535-475 BC) of Ephesus, the famous city at the heart of (Ha)Ionia.  The concept was first sketched by Anaximander (c 610-546 BC) of Miletus-town (a disciple of Thales), but it was developed further by his pupil Anaximenes (c 585-528 BC), and later by Heraclitus especially. Here are some examples from Heraclitus;

The sense perception of extreme hot-and-cold seems to be the same for the average human being.

“A road is, upwards and downwards, one and the same” (fr. 60)

“It is Sickness that makes health pleasant and good, and so with hunger and satiety, weariness and rest” (fr. 111)

The individual truths of the opposite pairs are what keep the world in Harmony, away from Chaos.   “God”, being all-in-one is thus the sole guarantor of universal harmony – my wife above has got it right, God is all and None; Heraclitus confirms, “God is day night, winter summer, war peace, surfeit famine, but he can be turned as much into fire, when incense is added to it …” (fr.67)

Heraclitus was deeply disturbed by the universal stupidity of people; he was quite remorseless in insulting them, comparing them to “Dogs that bark at strangers” (fr.  97). He identified wisdom with the Polymath (like a Leonardo da Vinci), unlike the modern obsession with blinkered expertise; “Men who love wisdom must be knowers of a great many things” (fr. 35).

To conclude, in methodological practice, one can and frequently must reverse the exact opposite of a camouflaged truth in a text, to uncover the buried nugget, the ancient scientific fact.  An object sinking in the water – the world, for example, in Noah’s Flood narrative – is as much about the birth, emergence and formation of the same object – the Earth – out of the water.

It is quite incredibly foolish that Noah’s Flood is hitherto universally understood as a single act of water-flooding, when in fact it signifies an admixture of unimaginable intertwined natural events of every possible planetary stress from volcanic eruptions to massive storms, hurricanes, humungous tsunamis, under-oceanic earthquakes of undreamt strength, all occurring simultaneously at once as Noah’s Flood was – and this is understood here for the very first time – creating the very first piece of land on this planet, the Ararat Mountain in-labour creating the Armenian Highlands (of Anatolia).

 (2) The second and most complex methodological principle of treasuring (hence hiding and uncovering) an esoteric truth or scientific fact is examining it by turning it inside out, outside in, up and down, sideways right and left, in all directions, exhausting all its possible dialectical permutations – not unlike the manner a heterosexual man would love a woman – which is really anyway the point of all modernist scientific (and scholarly) studies of a subject.

The First Revelation Here of some of the greatest scientific facts

Religion is a cultural product, one of many.  The reason the Bible is “sacred”, not because of religious content, but because it is the most important unique creation of all time, penned perhaps over two centuries by many authors who themselves may be a-historical inventions, including the prophet Moses – presumed author of the first five books of the Old Testament; King Solomon – Ecclesiastes; His son, King David – presumed author of the Psalms, Jesus Christ – considered by a 20th century Biblical Scholar John Allegro as a secret cipher not even a person (The Sacred Mushroom and the Cross, 1970), and an obscure hermit/monk St John (presumed author of the 4th Gospel of the New Testament, and the Book of Revelations), who must have been undoubtedly a great disciple of the Ephesian Heraclitus, as the latter thought that All is Logos, the mysterious puzzle with which the 4th Gospel  begins.

Modern Israeli archaeologists have daringly questioned the historicity of even their own Exodus, and origins as an offshoot of Canaanites, who were multi-ethnic, the melting pot of tribal groups from all parts of the Middle and Near East, including ancient Armenians.  After two thousand years of scholarly research, The Dead Sea Scrolls still being processed,  the precise provenance of the Bible still remains unresolved, a total mystery, and a miracle of human creation, unparalleled and unequalled.

The first aspect to grasp and appreciate is that the Bible is not a mere book, but a historical document with an overall message to be communicated to mankind throughout millennia, rather several encrypted messages, that can be easily unravelled once the esoteric methodology is understood and used skilfully.  Although authored by multiple authors, nevertheless it has preserved – and herein lays its non-religious miraculous feature – a consistency, a singularity of an overall message exclusively for the preservation of life, in perpetuity, on this planet uniquely evolved for that purpose in this universe.  Just as Jesus Christ is the alpha and the omega of being and becoming, so is the Noah’s Flood-story the beginning and the end in the narrative of the evolutionary development of Life, its historical past, present and future – a Trinity.  Let us separate these elements to better explain them by the scientific esoteric methodology.

As a narration, the Bible-book begins remarkably with a massive climax – the Flood story, confirming that the Bible is about the emergence of Life itself on this planet, through the waters and on land, and mankind’s birth as the dominant species, only to fall (the metaphorical meaning of the Fall from Paradise) and tumble into a horrifying arrogant stupidity, destroying his habitat in sheer ignorance of the “god-given” scientific facts buried in the metaphorically “sacred” book to be uncovered as a great Revelation.   This hidden narrative thus begins from an aggregate peak of “sacred” knowledge, the climax-book of every metaphorical neural strand of interconnected scientific facts.

Adept at the methodology above, I have used it as the key to unlock the following great truths and historical scientific facts buried in the Bible.

Let us note (and repeat) – incredibly for the very first time – that The Flood Story (and Noah’s Ark resting on the Ararat Mountains at the heart of the Armenian Highlands) is the climatic Peak (metaphorically the climactic peak) of the Old Testament.  The title of the first book where it appears is vaguely translated from the Greek Genesis=Creation, although the original language (of the whole of the Old Testament) is Hebrew, and even the Greek title contains a cluster of complex meanings including Birth, Being, and Becoming.   Thus, the Ararat Story represents symbolically the peak of the buried knowledge based on scientific facts peeking through for those who can see through heavily camouflaged esoteric facts – a powerful parallel metaphor (intended as such) to man’s descent from the Ararat mountains, not the African Savannah as Darwin foolishly speculated, through sheer ignorance; Archaeology, Anthropology, Palaeontology, carbon-dating were not even invented yet.  I cannot appreciate scientific stupidity, when most of the ancient world in Anatolia, India, China and South America even today still remains archeologically un-dugThe scientific ignorance is so vast that it renders all scientific arrogance laughable.

There is an overall arching pattern (like the symbolical Rainbow, colourful, joyous, hope-full, life-enhancing that appears after the Flood as God’s Covenant with humanity that He shall never destroy it again) in the Bible, withholding and sustaining a profound message to intelligent mankind on three three-dimensional levels – the true symbolical significance of the Trinity as a metaphor, which subtends the whole of human and natural History; all about the cosmological Past of this planet, its Present, and its optional Future, depending on human folly and/or intelligence.

The Past and the Future of Life-on-this-planet contingent on human behaviour are messaged simultaneously as dialectical opposites in Noah’s Ararat-story, which is both about the volcanic evolutionary Birth of terrestrial life on this planet, and its possible potential total man-made destruction through money-greed (or Capitalism – the symbolical meaning of the worship of the Golden Calf in the desert, and later Jesus’ whipping of the money-men – the ‘Bankers’ – out of the Temple) and psycho-sexual moral degradation ; the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah where even the children were totally corrupted – a scholarly fact hitherto unobserved – demanding sexual intercourse in the town-square with God’s angels incarnated as two extremely handsome young men.   The Dead Sea itself, the whole of the area covered by the salt water of Lifelessness, I think is the archaeological site of the city of Sodom.

A single-sentenced most puzzling fragment has survived from Thales (c 624-545 BC), regarded as the first philosopher (from the city of Miletus in Ionia) stating that “All is water” – Life originates in water (the first semantic dimension of the Flood narrative), everything is made up of water, which seems to be true even by the standards of modern science; the human body is composed abundantly of water – depending on different scientific contexts, anything between 50-75 %. The fragment by Thales, seems to confirm the primary meaning of Noah’s Flood story that life on this planet started in water, without which no life would be possible at all in the cosmos.

Taking the exact dialectical reverse of the threatened destructive potential (due to man-made CO2 pollution), delivers (by esoteric methodology) the first great scientific treasured-fact of the Bible, entirely concordant with modern scientific dogma, that life started

(1) Under the oceans (in extremis, at volcanic vents), and

(2) The earth floating on the oceans was created by volcanic eruptions.  Forty days of continuous rain are in camouflaged esoteric knowledge 40 million years (a day is a unit, can stand symbolically for a million) of unimaginable volcanic eruptions spewed out of the ocean, falling down as ash and lava-flow constructing the Armenian Highlands, and the Ararat mountain in the first place, peeking out of the waters, peaking out its head for Noah’s Ark to finally rest on.

‘Darwinian’ Savannah landscape presumed for the ascent of man is un-challenging and not conducive to developing brain-folds for the development of higher human intelligence.  Only the mountainous landscape of pre-historical Anatolian Armenia, with mysteries of peaks down to valleys can do that.

The uncontroversial scientific fact expressed by this is that Life crept out of the oceans onto land, became terrestrial, long before the flatlands of … Africa, hence mankind did not need to climb mountains, which were in the beginning no more than flooded flatlands, before becoming mountains after the waters descended and let the Noachian hominids populate the earth.

The Eternal Present symbolized scientifically by Jesus Christ

The Four Gospels of the New Testament present the scholars with an insoluble puzzle – it is telling the same story of Jesus four times with minor variations … But Why? Like the repetitative strains of a symphonic theme.  The mystifying fact of this literary case remains unique in the history of world-literature.

The mystery dissolves in the fact of its number four, which refers to the four corners of the globe, predicting (and quite correctly too) that Jesus’ story shall spread throughout the globe, East & West, North & South.  The historical fact that this has already happened, almost miraculously, because impossibly – there is no such other book translated into every language on this planet – ‘proves’ that the warning I shall deliver below is true and already in active motion.    

Although un-related in scholarly terms to the Old Testament, the New Testament (in koiné Greek / κοίνή), about the Life of Jesus Christ and his disciples, is always about what I call the eternal present, to serve as a model and a paradigm for ideal human behaviour, the best people may, can, and should think and do, to save itself and the Nature it inhabits on this very planet Earth, from total destruction through the coming of the Second Flood, mini examples of which occur EVERY YEAR nowadays from the United States, to Britain to Bangladesh …  Several years ago, the whole of the Rheine River basin in the Germanic Euro-region was under water.  Jesus’ Second coming, to be accompanied by unimaginable apocalyptic events of Satanic destruction, a thousand years of war with Satan and his armies is actually symbolical of the threatened Second Flood building up – an admixture of tsunamis, storms, hurricanes, volcanic eruptions, land-slides all happening at once because of Climate change.

Today, the over- admired economy of China, over-estimated by US capitalism, has perhaps already irreversibly polluted its cities.  The post-Mao Chinese today may be well-groomed pseudo-Socialist millionaires, but they are poisoned slowly daily by the smog, fog-with-smoke bad-air of their mega-cities.  The US phallic-symbolical poison-cars have ‘genocided’ the healthy-living Chinese bicycles … The unbreathable air carried by the winds is now polluting the rest of the planet – huge storms and hurricanes visiting North America annually, tsunamis and sudden mud-slides in Asia, North and South Americas… all because of the human stupidity of uploading 35 billion tonnes of CO2 annually into the atmosphere we must breathe, to … live!

The single and sole solution of mankind’s survival is locked in the life-philosophy of Jesus – Love thy neighbour truly, the beginning and end of all terrestrial life.  SPIRITUAL GENUINE TRUE LOVE is the only guarantee that can save mankind from money-obsessions, eternal warmongering, capitalist arms-dealing leading to genocidal mass-murders and responsible for causing atmospheric and spiritual pollution, disease, causing the final destruction of the Second Flood slowly evolving, coming through the vicious governments of capitalist Britain, America, Germany, France  and false-communist China.

What people have understood as the first primary meaning of the Flood story and Noah’s regeneration of mankind on the outskirts of the Ararat Mountains at the heart of the Armenian highlands is actually also its third stage, the fatal  threatening future potential, the sinking and disappearance of the Earth off this planet – the first primary meaning having been its primordial dialectical opposite of the birth of the first piece of Earth, and the third – the total unredeemable destruction of life itself.

Mountain Cults – evidence of Mountain-birth of Mankind

The global mountain-cults of ancient cultures as the habitat of the Gods – and the God in myth is the perfect evolved man – dis-proves further Darwin’s ridiculous nonsense destroying the modern science of man, running entirely vacuously on un-scientific wrong tracks.  The sooner this foolishness is corrected in modern science, the faster it will recover the truths it is searching for.

The first hominids are mountain people “born” on the Armenian Highlands surrounding the Ararat peaks – the first piece of earth formed on the waters of this planet by the sub-oceanic actions of the Ararat volcano are the Armenian Anatolian Highlands.  Not God, but the Ararat Mountain created the first man hence esoterically it is the volcanic clay God used to forge man-and-woman.

The Christian human burial ritual of Ash-to-Ash refers symbolically to the scientific fact of the volcanic-ash being the contextual origin of all life-on-this planet, and harbingers the return of the great global Flood (already recurring in localized mini-floods as a dire and dour warning to mankind – the 3rd level-dimension of the symbolical meaning of the Flood-story), if mankind will continue ignoring the wisdom of Jesus’ Socialist message of unconditional love for all planetary (god’s) creatures – plants, animals, people, the disabled, the sexually disorientated, and non-orientated, the old and the frail, all, including your … enemies.  Jesus preached his greatest Lessons of Socialist compassion (and taught the illiterate how to pray to God – the Lord’s Prayer) on a mountainside, in Galilee (Matthew 7).  If, like Jesus, you could love even your enemy, then you will never kill, or be killed, life will ultimately be safe and eternal and full of Love like Jesus.  You shall be a son and a daughter of God, just like Jesus was – Peacemakers are the children of God (Matthew 5:9), what I think President Obama was trying to do by restraining the US military degenerates, from openly attacking Syria and Russia.

You do not need to be even a Christian for it – you can be an atheist like Karl Marx, a Communist like Lenin, or a non-religious methodological atheist like humble me.  Do not do unto others, what you do not wish done to yourself;

 “In everything, do to others what you would have them do to you.  For this sums up the Law and the Prophets” (Matthew 7:12) is pure Jesus gold … perhaps the greatest civilizational dictum of human history echoed only by the German Philosopher, Immanuel Kant’s (1724-1804) Categorical Imperative.  Jesus’ words above should be adopted by the United Nations as the First principle of conflict-resolution all over the world.

The practice of the humanitarian Socialism identified and defined by Jesus – as compassion, inclusivity, care of the meek and the weak, sharing, brother/sisterhood of wo/mankind, without inhuman capitalist abuse and exploitation of any kind, uniquely summarized in the Lord’s Prayer is the sole path of salvation from the potential Second Flood evolving as an inevitable Darwinian end to life on this planet caused by mafia-capitalist greed and money-stupidity.  Jesus’ Second coming much disputed pointlessly between Christian and Jewish theologians is in fact a symbolical warning about the Second Flood forming as a direct result of US Capitalist stupidity of greed and consumerism.   Jesus had already thrown out such human dung, out of the Temple two thousand years ago.

“Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth”, prophesied Jesus (Matthew 5:5) two thousand years before Karl Marx desired the same for the Proletariat, the slaves of the capitalist system, alas worse off than ever in today’s world.  The Poor, as President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela noted, are the vast majority of people around the world.

Heaven and Hell are on this planet – look around you, how absolutely beautiful is nature in every mountain-made country – every country has some volcano-mountains out of which it has been spewed from the deep innards of the Earth’s molten lava-centre, an absolute paradise that mankind turns into hell through ignorance and stupidity, capitalist filth, warmongering, genocide, and human-satanic evil. The parable of Jesus feeding five thousand people with ease and abundance just like that, instantly, with mere … five fish, is the esoteric expression of the scientific fact that this Planet’s Nature can feed at least five times five billion easily, “miraculously” – miracles in the Bible mean ease of natural consequences – without any need for un-natural GM Frankenstein foods.  No need to fight over food – anyone with a single apple tree in his garden knows that every year he could distribute the crop to his whole neighbourhood … the obscenity of the capitalism means that millions of acres of land stolen by the European aristocracy from their peoples lie fallow and infertile.

No need to fight over drinkable water.  The desalination of the oceans can prevent that.  Blood-brothers that we all are – Cain’s must not kill Abel’s anymore!

All those so-said scientists without conscience who like pole-dancers have sold their souls into the pockets of the oligarchs cannot deny that the twentieth century’s Homo Capitalismus Man’s greatest stupidity was the production of Co2, as a direct result of deforestation, expansion of the car and aviation industries   offloaded onto the atmosphere 35.6 billion tonnes of it per year (2012 statistics).

Eternal shame on all the governments of the world, that flood their capital cities in Neon Lights, the cancer of American Advertising infecting, say Tokyo, and Beijing for example … the idiots of Parisian capitalism sold their city to the Tourist jerks as the “lovers’ City of Lights”, while the American Wall Street buffoons brag about New York as “the City that never sleeps”… who cares!

If governments won’t control the madness of car production and airport expansions, what peoples of the world today NOW need to tell their governments to prove some mature intelligence is to at the least switch off all Neon-lights and most unnecessary night-time-lights of the world’s big cities as a first practical step to reduce Co2 globally immediately by a considerable amount.

Who needs the empty office buildings of the rip-off banks and insurance companies in Western capital cities lit up?  Keep the brothel-lights in Frankfurt and Koln in Germany on, yes, but switch off the wasteful lights on their Cathedral facades.

“God” as the totality of the planetary Nature is infinitely patient and endlessly forgiving with mankind, its foolish children.  He gives them all the chances to grow knowledgeable and wise through trials and errors of evil ignorance.  God has demonstrated scientifically, factually, evidentially many times over, the consequences of mankind’s immature evil actions, nowadays with little examples of local floods, as a dire warning of the global Second Flood evolving … I see no Noah on the horizon, alas.

We must all, every one of us must turn Noah today if we wish to save our children’s lives on this planet.






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