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First Publication of a historical Document, for the Centenary of the Genocide Let Us remember the Other Genocide, The Wipe Out of our Ancient History

By Professor Hovhanness I. Pilikian

 Today’s Turk Vs. The Ottoman

Our parents, the survivors of the most … unforgettable genocide of modern history, did not make a distinction between the Ottoman and the Modern Turks.   In fact, by their accounts, the Ottomans seem to have been a kinder and more civilized people.  Actually, the surviving generation of my own parents reserved the appellation of The Turk for the modern Turks – post the Young Turks – who attempted and almost succeeded in genociding them, something Historians have got it completely wrong.

In other words, it was the Turks of today, whose parents genocided our Armenian parents – therefore the argument of the present-day Turkish State that it bears no responsibility for it, does not hold water – the modern children of Ataturk are the carriers of the full guilt of the genocidal crime, though ironically not the Ottoman Turks.  Sultan Hamit’s genocidal crimes of the 1890s were in fact massacres, lacking the meticulous proto-Nazi State-planning that is the hallmark of the word “genocide” (according to its linguistic inventor, Raphael Lemkin), the intentional “destruction of a nation or an ethnic group”, which was the whole point of the 1915 genocide of the Armenians perpetrated by the Young Turks.

The Ottomans were happy to dominate a multi-ethnic empire, which the proto-Zionist Young Turks were determined to cleanse ethnically, and render it a mono-ethnic incestuous pigsty – the sexual fantasy of a heaven for every ultra-nationalist, be it Russian Russich, Islamic ISIS, British UKIP and French Le Pen-voting mental retards.

I myself have battled frequently with Armenian nationalists who believe firmly that the modern Turk is … Genghis Khan’s bastard, equally barbarous, genetically murderous, and can never change!   Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the founder of ‘new’ Turkey, desperately attempted to ‘modernize’ the old Turk, educate him, civilize him, teach him manners, in a word “Europeanize” him.

He had almost succeeded before the eyes of the Western world, when suddenly the Istanbul Pogroms took place, proving that the civilized Freemason Ataturk – his name means The Father of the Turk(ish nation) had failed disastrously in his national project of creating a nation transformed from its … Genghis Khan past!  For, on that infamous day of 6th September (stretching to the 7th next day) in 1955, hardly 40 years (not a millennia) after the genocide of the Armenians in 1915, the Turks of the civilized Istanbul city, with a millennia of Byzantine and Ottoman culture behind it, exploded into a genocidal frenzy, and precisely like Hitler’s Genghis Khan-type organized Krystallnacht attacking the civilized Germanized Jews, the blood-thirsty Turkish mobs plundered and pillaged the shops of the Greeks (and whatever of Armenians left), murdered whoever of their owners they could lay hands on…

I remember (as a teenager) reading the Armenian dailies in Beirut, Lebanon, confirmed in their awful opinion that the Turks will be … Turks, genocidal and barbaric for-ever.   For, it was an act officially, bureaucratically State-organized by the Turkish Military’s Special Forces (a Nazi euphemism for murder-squads) sugar-pilled as Tactical Mobilization Group – a Turkish delight made by the  Democratic [LOL x100] Party of the day with the National Security Services, all of the organizers still alive today, I presume.  The well-organized event so shocked civilized people, that even today, decent Western media folk find it difficult to even qualify it with an appropriate adjective, so they occasionally refer to it as the Istanbul Riots, and most hygienically – the September Events in Istanbul, as if it were a Retrospective of Picasso (Guernica included – the most powerful painting in Art-history of genocidal violence by the Fascist General Franco of Spain).

The Turkish state has not apologized and/or compensated for that ‘modern’ crime either and we poor, pathetic Armenians think that they will do it for our national grief of 1915 caused by their Teshkilat Mahsusiyeh cut-throats (copied by Hitler’s Sonder/Einsatztruppen – an exact Nazi translation in German from the Turkish).

Nevertheless, as a young adult, I came to London and passionately argued for understanding and kindness towards Turkish people, pointing out to the Armenian nationalists that the bad and the good are in all nations, it is the great equalizer of individuals, some Turks even helped Armenians to escape the pogroms. My own father, Israel Pilikian, had never forgotten the aalim (= the turbaned Scholar/wise man) of their neighbouring village in Adapazar who, with his family were fluent in the … Armenian language.  His son Mustafa comes with his oxen-cart to help transport my father’s family and belongings to the train station (from where they would be transferred onto cattle trains destined to the Syrian deserts of Der-El-Zor, something which of course Mustafa would not know).

And my 95 years old father, in London, would still cry – and I too am in tears now as I record this memoire of his – remembering Mustafa’s tears, sobbing loudly on the platform waving them goodbye until the train finally disappears from sight…  And my sinless father, had no rancour against the Turkish people, he always advised us that peoples of the world have no need or use for enmity, it is ignorance and governments that are inhuman, hyenas – the Turkish terrorist organization called the Gray Wolves, for example, are proud to be identified as … Wolves!  And who are we, silly left-wing liberals daring to deny them that pride!

Once, in London, at an event organized by the Turkish friends of an English Peace organization, my father – who possessed an operatic dramatic tenor of a voice at 95, in power on a par with Pavarotti – told the audience in old-fashioned genteel Ottoman Turkish, that he will sing for them a sharki (traditional Ottoman love-song) … for them, not for their government!  He won the hearts and the souls of the audience that evening.  They (especially the young among them) wanted my father to run a course to teach them the “beautiful Turkish” that he spoke so well and … beautifully!

There is a recording of the evening by a half-Armenian lady (now a well-established TV-documentary film-maker).  She promised me many times, over twenty years… to give me a copy, and she never did.  I am sure if it was … Mustafa, I would have had a dozen copies by now.

When my extraordinary father of profoundest humanity passed away – in the words of the great Abstract Painter of Soviet Armenia, who painted my father’s naturalist portrait in London, and called him The Sin-less Human – the wife of my Turkish friend, attended his funeral and mourned deeply, shed tears with my blood-sisters as one of them, reminding me of my father’s spiritual older brother, Mustafa at the train station sobbing…

And then came the cold-blooded, well-managed murder of Hrant Dink … and I lost my battle against the Armenian nationalists, that a hundred years on, and the modern Turk is still the old Genghis Khan… He will never change; the hyenas and the Turkish wolves won’t change their spots and blood-lust, genes do not change fast enough (in a few decades) to produce a new species of a civilized Turk.

I may have lost the battle, but I shall continue my lonely war against red-necks, terrorist fundamentalists of any kind, whether Christian/Muslim/Zionist, Armenian Nzhdeh-ist, Russian ultra-nationalist lunatics; in an excellent BBC 3 documentary, (Far Right and Proud by a superbly perceptive young black investigative journalist Reggie Yates), a young Russian journalist in an anti-immigration protest march in Moscow confided – “They are real Nazis [these people in the demo and their friends].  They kill people. They cut off some people’s heads and put it in their refrigerators.  Those ‘friends’ kill people, really.  I think you should be scared”.  And after Ku Klux Klan was shouted by some participants with Nazi salutes, our handsome Black British young journalist was indeed truly scared.

Nationalists, notoriously stupid and mostly illiterate individuals, confuse natural patriotism with perverted supremacist racism.  The Turkish Gray Wolves, for example, chant notoriously that “the Turks are the most civilized nation on earth, and if you disagree, we shall kill you!”  They are just too dumb-ass to appreciate the ludicrous contradiction in the semantics of their tiresomely over-chanted slogan.

The Armenian newspaper editor Hrant Dink (founder of the bilingual, mostly Turkish and partly Armenian daily, Agos) was the only Armenian alive who could reconcile the two nations.  And he was on the verge of it, when the Turkish state in grotesque stupidity decided to genocide him (LOLx100).

The Ottoman Turks on the other hand, were better adapted to multi-ethnic social contracts and constructs – perhaps because their harems were stuffed almost exclusively with European women – the Ottoman culture was mostly Armenian-created; Ottoman music, theatre, architecture – Sinan, an architect of genius, could repair what no one else could, the earthquake damaged, the impossibly domed Aya Sophia.  The many mosques the Armenian Sinan built, were (unwittingly) replications of the classical Armenian church forms (incidentally, as much the blue-print of Leonardo da Vinci’s collection of church-designs!)

The emergence of the modern Turk, in evolutionary terms, seems to have been culturally a regressive species, my nationalist friends would argue against my abhorrence of their racism.  There can be no hierarchy of evil I say – whether old and new in historical time, a crime is a crime, and is genocidal by definition of its destructive nature.  I can never belong to any organization that contains in its mindset Deutshland űber Alles (= Germany above all) mental illness, no one can be above anyone in the eyes of the Almighty.

Never forget this absolute fact I call the great socio-economic equalizer; so long as all men and women need to urinate and defecate, just like animals, let no human being think he is above another, superior to other human beings.   It is my final argument against nationalist idiocy and/or lunacy.

Armenian nationalist racists – Village Idiots

The Chinese Communist Party has just donated an honorary doctorate to Mr. Serzh Sargsyan (an illiterate official orthographic form of Serj Sarkissian), President of Armenia.   If only they knew that his political Party, called Hanrapetakan (= Republican) worships an Armenian Nazi fool called Garekin Nzhdeh, they would withdraw their honour.

Nzhdeh is an ugly pseudonym only a grotesque skull-worshipping perverted Nazi sadist would adopt, like the Viking skull icon (called Russich) of the Russian ultra-nationalists whose ears (literally) are stuffed with… axe-heads.  Could any self-respecting intelligent patriot symbolize his people with such a ridiculous image dripping blood that renders your people the laughing stock of the world?  They are Russian neo-Nazis, but the Armenian Nzhdeh was a true Nazi – he had gone to Germany to serve the Nazi party, by publishing a racist Magazine in Armenian, issues of which have survived – the national disgrace and shame of the Armenian people, deified (literally) for a political cult by the Armenian President’s party.

The unintelligent echt Nazi Nzhdeh – no man of any intelligence could be a Nazi, even though the German masses seem to have been – the semi illiterate Armenian is famous with a word he invented – tsegh-a-kron, which is the cornerstone pulling together his racist űber Alles political philosophy.  I challenge any Armenian linguist to evaluate the word semantically, grammatically, structurally or any other way – literally, tsegh means race, and kron means religion, but what the hell does the formal addition mean, race-religion?

In the Armenian language of millennia of refinement and elegance (as employed for example in the political discourse of the Lebanese Armenian intellectual and distinguished Lawyer Kassbar Derderian), tseghakron can only pass as a brick misshapen by a novice apprentice; as an inelegant awkward noun, it cannot be transmuted into other linguistic forms, like an adjective, or declined as a verb, and speaking aesthetically, tseghakron is ugly, ugly and ugly, there is no way you can beautify it grammatically, while semantically it is simply non-functional.

Worse, the Armenian Republican ruling party of the present president has even constituted a State Honour, with a medal and all that, in the name of Nazi Nzhdeh, which if the Council of Europe gets wind of, they may decide to throw Armenia out of Europe, where neo-Nazism (let alone true Nazism) is officially outlawed as a state religion (and rightly so).

What the Nazis did specifically to the Jews (and the world in general) is beyond human forgiveness.  Frankly, forgiving the Nazi concentration camps (and the Turkish genocide of the Armenians) is an act of arrogance by people who think they are … God!  As a humble human being, I cannot forgive them, although I do not advocate their genocidal elimination.   

The way to defeat evil is by endless, patient education, and democratic persuasion, never by force which is inherently violent and inhuman.  We are born to live, not die – die naturally, never by violence

And all human evil is first and foremost a matter of sheer ignorance, lack of historical knowledge that leads to cultural superstition, which eventually produces the intellectually stupid man, even though he may possess a heart of gold.

We must Remember and Recover our Ancient History    

Forget the bloody Turk and the Nazi Nzhdeh-s for a moment, to remember our genocided ancient History wiped out of world history, and in which the Turks do not feature at all.

In this year of the centenary, I hope the Armenian intelligentsia finally wakes up from the torpor forced upon them by the conspiracies of Western imperialism, responsible for our genocide in the first place.  This ridiculous waste of time and creative effort of trying to get the Turks acknowledge their genocide of us is a despicable American conspiracy to exhaust Armenian Diaspora’s financial (presenting a case in the American Congress costs millions of dollars), intellectual and cultural resources, to dilute and negate world-wide the massive genius of the Armenian mindset and soul.

At the half point of the centenary, the Soviet Armenian intelligentsia was sacrificed, holocausted by the Cold War NOT to reclaim our ancient history.  One Soviet Academician called Boris Piotrovsky, who knows in whose pocket, invented out of his peanut-head, and incredible ignorance, The Urartu culture in the heartland of the Caucasian Armenian Highlands, while denying categorically its Armenian origin.  It took Raphael Ishkhanian, a Soviet Armenian historian three whole decades of tiresome, unnecessary struggle, under siege from the Armenian foot-lickers of the Leningrad academic mafia, at the risk of losing his own career (with threats to his life), to prove the very obvious that Urartu is nothing else but a linguistic variant of … Ararat (the Biblical name of Armenia’s holy mountain), hence its Kingdom was indeed totally Armenian!

I myself felt delighted by the much abused Ishkhanian’s attendance at my lecture (over twenty years ago) in the Yerevan Institute of Linguistics.  I was chaffed he had the health and the strength to persevere.  And even today, his invaluable work of saving Urartu as the Armenian Kingdom of Ararat is not adequately acknowledged.   Yes, like every other nation on this planet, Armenians too naturally have their fools, and racists, and anti-Semites, the foot-lickers, and self-mutilators…

We are the oldest people among the nations of this planet.  Today’s little Armenia, thank God, still exists with its native people, as it is the only one on this planet that has a direct genetic link to the first people walking the EarthThe human animal came into Consciousness and created language in the Armenian Highlands.  This is not nationalist tomfoolery, but the historical, archaeological fact (discounting Anthropology which carries a terrible burden of racism attached to the origin of its discipline).

There is in present day Armenia, in the region of Oughtassar/Siounik miles upon incredible continuous miles of rock carvings on huge massive rocks, absolutely unique in the world, methodically and deliberately sacrificed during the Cold War to academic neglect.   They are older than the cave-art (in France), they are actually the very first art-works of mankind, with unmistakable hieroglyphs (the mother of Egyptian and all hieroglyphs).  The world’s archaeologists and research scientists should pour over them.

Ought-a-sar, the name of their locus contains historical facts (as all ancient appellations do) that need decoding – ought = camel, sar = mountain, referring perhaps to its visual appearance of a camel’s hump.  Most importantly though, I think it codes a travel route on the Silk Road to China with Camel-caravans in tow.

The Christian Armenian Genocide of the Pagan Armenians

We are very proud of being the first Christian nation in the world – with King and Country, in 301 AD, the Armenians were the first people to convert in toto to Christianity.   But there was a terrifying genocidal dark underbelly to this historical fact – a history that must be confronted and rescued from the dusts of history.  We have denied this necessary action for 1,700 years now, and now, right this very second, as a grand tribute to the genocide-centenary, our intelligentsia must be shaken out of slumber, and begin immediately the intellectual ambulance-resuscitation service.

The great first hurdle to jump would be to accept our own immense genocidal act upon our pre-Christian culture.  The cultural genocide perpetrated by the first Armenian-Christian zealots was so completely heinous and humanly unacceptable, and intellectually unintelligent and downright stupid, that one is left speechless by the fact that today we know very little, to say nothing, of our ancient culture, which of course was one of the great glories of ancient history.

Our intelligentsia, freed from whoring to the corrupt Western so-said “Experts”, first and foremost must immediately and finally understand and grasp the unalterable historical fact that the many histories of the cultures that were born and cradled in the Armenian Highlands are the different aspects of the same golden tree of our Armenian ancient history.

The late Ishkhanian successfully claimed the Armenian origin of the Urartian Kingdom.

We are intolerably ignorant of the fact that one of the two most powerful kingdoms in the ancient world, the Hittites (vs. the ancient Egyptians) was also a native Armenian empire formed in the Armenian Highlands.  What people call their own selves is vital to decipher their true identity encapsulated by the etymological articulation in their nomenclature – their identity tag.

Thus, the “Hittites”(an Anglo-German modern name) called themselves Kha-tti, the root of which is in the dialect of Van region – kha-i means Armenian (in the dialectal Armenian), which even gives a clue to the geographical cradle of their birth – in the region of Van/Tushpa.  Their identity tag of Khai later appears at the heart of the classical Greek alphabet, the χ (called also kha-i), is the soul-breath of the Greek language itself brimful of kh-ai, which is the guttural articulatory variant of the vowel-soaked h-ai.

On the balance of probabilities, it thus seems undoubted, that also the classical Greeks were the relatives of the Armenian Hittites from the Van region, reaching Greece over the centuries.   The nomenclature of A-chae-ans, the most ancient Greeks, with chai (khai) imprinted in their name, and the ancient Persians, Achaemenians (articulated A-khai-menians), have preserved in their identity-tags the same historical fact of their origination and eventual descent from the Van-region, the one into Greece, the other into Persia.

The ancient Egyptian was called Ai-guptos, another scion of the H-ai people, who when they reached ancient Egypt, they built the Pyramids as a holy replication of the Ararat mountains, where they were born, and discovered the philosophical basis of worshipping the Sun, mankind’s oldest religious cult thus invented in ancient Armenia.  One can even locate its precise historical cradle – Caucasian Armenia, where people (even in today’s capital city of Yerevan, on the plains of the Ararat Mountains) feel very close to the sun – unlike in Europe, for example.  In the streets of Yerevan, when it is summer-time, you feel you can almost stretch to the sky and grab the sun – one feels that close to it!

The birth and evolutionary development of different branches of mankind from the same tree-root, and their genocidal conflicts is reflected by the Old Testament myth of Cain killing his own blood-brother Abel.  Foul genocidal murder does not at all imply difference of species – alas, alack, brothers do murder their own blood-brothers.

No Room for RacistsJewish Origins 

And we are all brothers and sisters under the skin.  This is not sentimental goodness – it is a biological genetic fact.  We are also genetically related to plants like the Daffodil.  99% of the human blood is of the same composition as that of the Baboons – it is therefore hilarious when Armenian, Russian and Jewish racists babble of their pure-bloods (LOL x 1000) …

Skin-colour and physiology are functions of environmental conditions, producing different nourishment and food-recipes.  There was a time in London when the supermarket chicken-meat was … yellow, because the live chickens were fed exclusively on yellow corn.

The population on this planet Earth is truly one, we are absolutely brothers and sisters – the whole point of the Genesis-book (in the Old Testament), incredibly, hitherto un-understood by mankind, for very long 2,000 years – a single, simple, great wisdom mankind does not seem to grasp, causing the great catastrophe of genocidal stupidity, which is then also manifested by the endless genocidal enmities of the tribes in ancient Israel, the  most blood-soaked place on this planet, ironically the Holy Lands of God himself, and Jerusalem, His own sacred city (LOL x a million) hence never put in practise anywhere else in the world (LOL x a billion);

Joseph, was sold as a slave by his own blood brothers, all sons of Jacob; Edomites, and his progeny born of Edom (= the hairy one, as if one could help one’s birth-appearance!), Jacob’s twin, yet mortal enemies that must be genocided by their own brothers;  a grandson of Edom, Amalek and his progeny are even more hated by the Jews down to our own days – there are three hate-filled mitsvot (= commands) every kosher Jew must absolutely obey for life, fight our enemies, hate them, and wipe out the Amalekites – Note that they are really the semantic variants of the same single command, directed at the Amalekites, displaying the intensity of the Jewish hatred of their own brothers.

But why – Because of a tall tale that they attacked the Jews in the Desert during the Exodus, and consequently the great Prophet Moses (who was the unwanted child of an… Egyptian woman left in a basket-boat to drown) dictated that every Amalekite must be placed on one’s thighs for his head to be cut off.

Let alone the fact that the younger generation of Israeli archaeologists, the best in the world money can buy, have questioned firmly the historical veracity of the Exodus legend, and the historicity of mythical characters like Moses, Kings Solomon and David, Abraham, Jacob etc.

The Edomites the Jews are ordered to genocide are after all the blood-brothers of the Jews themselves, all Jacob’s children … for god’s sake!  It is totally mad, primitive, illiterate, and bonkers, downright stupid.  No one knows the identity of the Jewish people – like the identity of most ancient peoples.  The identity tag of the “Jew” derives from “Judah”, meaning merely “people of Judah”, a region in today’s Israel, which was historically entirely multi-ethnic, including Canaanites, Philistines, Moabites, Greeks, Assyrians, Armenians you name it.  Modern Israeli archaeologists have bravely suggested (stirring the unmitigated ire of the Orthodox Jewry) that the Jews may be a Canaanite tribe, that … Jews have hated for 2,000 years.

But if the holiest and most terrifyingly sacred appellation of their mono-God (and I apologize for having to mention it now) Iah-wah (the Orthodox Jews have invented more than 70 other names to circumvent this one, like Ha-Shem = the Name, El-Shaddai = the most powerful, Almighty etc.) is valid as a species-identity tag, then by reading its root iah in the Indo European linguistic style from right to left delivers hai, and confirms firmly and uncontroversially their descent from Caucasian Armenia, in the outskirts of Noah’s Ararat Mountain peak where Noah’s Ark rested, for Noah to descend and re-create mankind in the Armenian Highlands symbolically as a single entity, evolving into different cultures, but staying the same in basic physical architecture.

The dialectal distinction of the h-ai root and its guttural Van-dialect (k)h-ai variant is so fundamental, as to be a precise topographical indication of the territorial regions of the Armenian Highlands whence those ‘different’ ancient cultures branched out – the Southern Van region, and the North Eastern Caucasus, both part of the fertile plains at the skirts of the Ararat Mountains, the world’s foremost sub-oceanic volcano (symbolized by Noah’s flood sinking it), which built up the landmass of this planet over billions of years of eruptions spewed in the air as volcanic ash and lava (symbolically, the 40 days of the non-stop Flood-rain).

Monotheist Sun-cult, the very first religion of mankind in Ancient Armenia

The universal pagan culture peaked in ancient Armenia.  The worship of the actual Sun was in fact its greatest contribution to human civilization. It evolved into monotheism (erroneously credited to the Egyptian Pharaoh Akhenaton, and later, to the Jews).  The ancient Egyptian notion of the Sun as the father of all other gods, is the historical evidence of monotheism,   becoming the universal archaeological test proving the antiquity of a culture – more than the stereotype of dating by vase-shards, if for example, a mysterious newly discovered culture shows any signs of sun-cult, the archaeologist can be certain that he has come across an ancient culture.

Thus, ancient Armenia’s sun-cult was a massive civilizational advance, which was corrupted in the Middle East and South America into human (child) sacrifice, converting a holy goodness into a diabolical curse and an abomination.

Every imaginable practice of the worst cultural habits also peaked in ancient Armenia, fed by the horrendous Sado-masochist habits of ancient Assyria, where war generals would throw violent orgies abusing their prisoners to celebrate their military victory – a custom reaching and infecting the Roman Emperors millennia later.

Rational Absolutes vs. Cultural relativism

I am not a cultural relativist.  I do not eat fried flies with eggs on toast, or chew cockroaches to pretend that I respect other cultures.   And there is this ridiculous “politically correct” notion, that anything old and ancient is perfectly acceptable, admirable, and desirable. There can be no logical reason for such a daft assumption, like the ancient Judaic Leviticus (20:13) law of punishing sodomy with Death – in fact, there are many damnable ancient customs like the Inca digging out the throbbing heart from the chest of a live victim – thank goodness we do not practice such horrors, although recently minority terrorists (like the Islamic ISIS – a Western government inspired-and-trained gang of cut-throats released onto Syria’s Bashar Al-Assad, to topple him), have began mankind’s evolutionary regression into Monkey-ism.

I categorically condemn barbaric ancient practices built on blood-lust, cannibalism, child sacrifice for power-holding ruling-class idiocies, of which the Incas and the Mayas were outrageous examples.   I consider the Roman so-called civilization to be no more than genocidal State-barbarism that puts even the Young Turk genocide of the Armenians to shame.  I will never condone, but always condemn categorically the totally stupid and sickly pornographic practice of female genital circumcision in Islamic Africa.   In my books, Child-marriage in India, and the clownish Harijan – men dressed up as women prostitutes, is entirely unacceptable, and quite stupid.

In the above senses, everything mentioned above and some, common to all ancient cultures without exception (including of course the pagan Armenians), I do not admire, and would never consider as ‘civilization’ but as mere human folly born out of sheer ignorance.  In this context, all those New-ageist old hippies who slobber over childish ancient cults, un-critically, non-judgmentally, I do not wish to have any communion with.

The Obscenity of Gallipoli

When the Turkish government decided to celebrate their victory at Gallipoli in 1915, and was being a clever dickey inviting ignorant world-leaders to join hands with them on the 24th of April against… the Armenians, to sabotage the latter’s commemoration of their victims of the Young Turkish genocide the same day .. I had a good belly laugh, for several days!

And let me tell you why, because I am sure none of them, least of all the Turkish government would know about the historical facts of the Gallipoli (polis = city, of the Galli), which was a cult-centre in ancient Armenia (North-Western Anatolia).  It is likely that Winston Churchill called the Butcher of Gallipoli in the British parliament, after the disastrous strategically incompetent military campaign spearheaded by him costing 250,000 casualties   out of 480,000 allied troops that attacked the Turkish army, which the eugenicist/racist Churchill had underestimated as a gang of rag-tag “mental defectives”.

Winston Churchill was quite mad that way; he loved being an eccentric buffoon, constantly attention seeking (like a woman), dictating letters from his bathroom (a euphemism for the toilet), and once (during the 2nd World War) on 29 December 1941, terrified the disabled wheelchair bound US President Franklin Roosevelt by exposing his genitals to him, in the white House (See, Dan Plesch, America, Hitler and the UN, How the allies won world war II and forged a Peace, L.B. Tauris Publishers, 2011, London, p. 1).

It is likely that Churchill knew about the Roman galli, the castrated priests of the Syrian goddess Atargatis, and the Roman prophetess Cybele.  The cult was widespread, everywhere in ancient Armenia, and Assyria, and a most disgusting inanity which probably post-modern British pagans and American hippy leftovers would love to revive – the galli were self-castrators, obviously mentally ill self-harmers, but of the most violent and … stupid kind – it was a Festival ritual.  Imagine going to a public park in a European capital city with your children, to see a springtime flower show, and what you witness is the following;

in the middle of the crowd, a young man in an ecstatic state grabbed a sword, slashed with it his testicles and walked from house to house holding them in his hand and receiving women’s clothes and accessories from the people” (See, Martti Nissinen, Homoeroticism In the Biblical World, A Historical Perspective, translated by Kirsi Stjerna, Fortress Press, Minneapolis, USA, 1998, p. 31).

The harijan in today’s India, the women-clad male prostitutes, are a harmless caricature of the Romanesque galli of the ancient Anatolian Armenian city of Gallipoli, which the mad Winston Churchill glorified with his doomed campaign, attacking the Dardanelles shores one disastrous day on 25th April, 1915, literally one day after his Young Turk Freemason mates had arrested the Armenian intellectuals (some of them also Freemason Bro’s) on the 24th.   Their Turkish Bro leader, one of the triumvirate of the great genociders, Enver Pasha, Churchill had personally inducted into Freemasonry in London.

I am well-aware of politically correct anthropological and sociological theories explaining the Sado-masochistic customs of the ancients I refute as mental categories.  I only accept the economic explanation of extreme poverty for the modern Indian harijan – genocidal capitalist pressure that forces decent human beings into such indecent behaviours – I am happily judgmental in such intellectual matters.  I have not spent a lifetime of critical thinking, not to be judgmental, which is the fashion today.

The perverted among the world-leaders may quite enjoy a festival of Gallipoli performed by the distinguished President of Turkey, Mr. Erdogan, and his American-educated-and-trained Prime Minister Mr. Ahmet Davutoglu.  I would shed tears of sadness for them.  After all, they are friends of Armenia, and trying their absolute best to forget and make the whole world forget the nasty genocidal things their grandfathers did to the Armenian men, women, children without pity!

A case of cultural genocide unique in History

As I advocate all for all-knowledge, bad or good, we Armenians, must recover our truths, and continuous history from the very beginning, which Movsess Khorenatsi attempted to do, 1,500 years ago.  I do not think his famous history has even come down to us in its entirety.  Scholars have not grasped the fact yet that his original manuscript was mutilated by the Christian censors, even though in Khorenatsi’s History, the paucity of the survivals (and I am using the word as an anthropological theoretical term) proves the immensity of our pagan culture.

The humongous cultural genocide of half a million years of Armenian history – or whenever you date the beginnings of the hunter-gatherers pre-dating the agricultural revolution eight thousand years ago – was perpetrated by the Christian Armenians in the 5th c. AD.

It was a puzzling act of ultra masochism and self-destruction, which Britain’s King Henry Viii committed over a … thousand years later, by wiping out the Catholic culture of England – his henchmen viciously and violently attacked the monasteries and the Churches, breaking priceless sculptures and whitewashing frescoes, and finally turning even buildings into war-ruins … the case is so similar and imitative of the Armenian behaviour, that I often wonder if the power-crazed mad King Henry and his scholars of religion knew about the Armenian case – they could have, as Khorenatsi’s History of the Armenians was translated into Medieval Latin!

It needs to be exhaustively researched if this Armenian masochistic self-immolation was actually an act by the Armenian people.  I am not being nationalist, trying to blame ‘others’, but there is some historical evidence suggestive of an ancient Persian conspiracy of infiltrating a Fifth Column of religious fanatics into Armenia; at the time, the Christian Armenian cultural genocide was undoubtedly conceived and commandeered by the Armenian Catholicoss, Sahak Partev in Etchmiadsin (the holiest See of the Armenian Apostolic church, now in a suburb of Yerevan) – his surname Partev is an irrefutable evidence of being a… Parthian/Persian.  Like other genociders in history, the Parthian-Armenian Catholicoss could not have acted alone, but had his gangs of genocidal cut-throats.   They simply wiped out our vast screen of ancient history, out of world-history.

In Praise of Armenian Christianity

Let me repeat – I am not keen on ‘hippy’ paganism for its barbaric, ignorant, inhuman, and ultimately genocidal stupidities.  I consider Christianity in pure intellectual and cultural terms to be a great leap forward on the scale of human progress and civilization.

The endless number of gods in ancient times, with their human attributes of mostly stupid, childish, and ignorant behaviours was inhibitory to human intellectual advance.   Christianity with its essential monotheism was god’s gift to mankind as a civilizational cultural impetus, opening up the human mind to Science, first and foremost.  Ironically, the sciences would be impossible to start up without Christian monotheism, saving the creative human mind from the infancy and clutter of endless superstitions manifested from polytheist dictates and conditions.

If nothing else, the fact that Christianity liberated mankind from the most repugnant habits of cannibalism, and child-sacrifice, is its greatest imaginable historical contribution to human advance and welfare – the greatest civilizational advanceAnd the Armenians cannot but be proud to be the first intelligent humans to have grasped this nettle.  If nothing else, this alone could have been the greatest contribution the Armenians made to human history. 

But was it worth it?

Frankly, the only true Christian seems to have been … Jesus Christ himself.

St. Paul’s letters (in the New Testament) are full of indications that corruption had set in as early as the first church-communities were constituted.  It got so insufferable over 1,500 years, the Borgias converting the Vatican into a brothel, that only the Protestant Revolution by Martin Luther could bring some cleansing comfort to the Catholic Church, before the English King Henry VIII abused this time Protestantism itself for his sexual peccadilloes.

Towards the end of his life, Luther (like Mao Tse Tung) went senile, wrote pamphlets against the papacy, Anabaptists, and last but not least anti-Semitic piffle against Jews.

The Bible itself was horribly raped by the Western imperialists to … rape, conquer and enslave the Afro-Asian continents.   Christian churches today are worse than ever unworthy of Christ’s truth, betraying him a thousand times a day, becoming dens of child-rape and sodomy.   According to a BBC 4 documentary, the Vatican today is so shamelessly homosexualized, as to have Catholic celibate priests regularly hold weekend gay and paedophile orgies!

And our own Church of Etchmiadzin, in Armenia, the first among the corrupt Church-equals (of the Vatican and the Church of England), was recently discovered to have had its head, no less than the Catholicoss himself secretly married, with children (very shocking for a celibate Clergy), and over a million dollars in a personal account in the Swiss branch of the HSBC bank, lately proven to be “the world’s most corrupt Bank” harbouring tax-avoiding, money laundering, arms-trading, mafia sustaining criminal oligarchs of all nations.

Was the genocide by the first Christian-Armenians of our pagan culture and very ancient history – a total wipe out, out of the world’s history books – worth it?

Certainly not in the context of a totally corrupted church of male prostitutes, Mafia bank robbers, and Capitalist whore-and-war-mongers.


In the Beginning was Khorenatsi’s History

Having confronted bravely and acknowledged heroically our nation’s masochistic self-harming and genocidal destruction of our priceless ancient history, to then recover it like a … Microsoft Word Doc, we must begin at the beginning with Khorenatsi’s History of the Armenianseven though fragmentary, it is still a treasure trove, an Aladdin’s cave, call it what you like … A South African goldmine of priceless nuggets that can be strung together to produce a continuous chain of history.

Ancient Chinese and Armenian Relationsa Case study

Let me give an example of how a clear-minded scholar (un-sold to Western imperialist interests) would recover factual history from fragmentary records.

One of those priceless Khorenatsi gold-nuggets is the information that a Chinese nobleman, called Mam-kun, escaped the wars in China, and found refuge in Armenia.  He became the progenitor of the Armenian Aristocratic family of Mam-kun-iants.

Let us unpack this brief information to find the precious blood-diamonds in a pouch of our long lost ancient history.

The first thing to notice is the immense importance of Armenia stretching to … China, enough for a Chinese nobleman to undertake the long and hazardous journey to Armenia merely to find physical safety (and save his sperm) – Armenia should have had some ‘international’ power and prestige then, almost one competing with … China.  Did Mam-kun travel with a retinue of guards?  Does it imply that the incredibly long route was well-protected militarily, which would have been a costly affair affordable only by an immensely wealthy state.

Did Mam-kun travel by the Silk Road? Or was there another secret route (the Camel-mountain range?) to ancient Armenia known only to the privileged.

Ancient Armenia should have played a much, much more significant role in global trade than ever hitherto understood.

Why should Mam-kun think of … Armenia for a kind of safe ‘maternal’ refuge and protection? It feels like the prodigal son, returning home and the loving father (Armenia) not disappointing him, but preparing a feast for him, celebrating the homecoming.

Having studied some Chinese, I was stunned by the incredible discovery that the Chinese word (K)H-ai is the fundamental building block of the most important socio-linguistic concepts of the Chinese language – hai = Sea/ocean; it is for example in the name of the city of Shang-haishang here is an adverb = above, on, Shang-hai = (the city)-on-the-sea.

Hai-tsi = child, a most fundamental concept in any language; m-ai = to buy-and-sell (with different tones), a most crucial word for the exchange of goods/trading, in which the Chinese are past masters.

And most stunningly, the word for Love is ai, the fundamental of primary human emotions leading to natural heterosexual activity producing the hai-tsi, in the absence of which the continuity of Life itself is destroyed; ai-ren = husband, literally, love-man, ren=man/person.

The Chinese language is thus flooded with hai, the sole country in the world for a Chinese brimful of … Ai, signifying a country of Love – no wonder; Mam-kun’s escape to Hai-astan was a homecoming.   And he found the security and warmth his ancestral homeland could offer him, in fact so much so that, he never dreamt of returning to his second home in China, and felt so comfortable in Hai-astan, that he became even more patriotic a hai than a native, founding the most important Medieval Armenian aristocratic dynasty of the Mam-i-kuniants (another variant pronounciatin), who carried nobly the burden and the function of the defence of the whole of Armenia against enemy aggression.

All that, as a contrast to the endless civil wars in China – one could argue that China had experienced no real peace, since its formation, until Mao’s Communist victory in our own times – The Republic of China was declared on the 1st of October, 1949 by Mao Tse Tung.  The pity of it is that Mao in his old age went mental, mad, and, through sheer genocidal self-destruction, devastated what he had achieved, very much like a pre-Christian … Armenian, and England’s King Henry VIII.

Khorenatsi’s nugget also contains the sensational gem that Armenia was not a mono-ethnic society, but the ancient world’s most excitingly multi-ethnic one, to even include … Chinese people, who are otherwise totally absent from Middle Eastern history (for example).  There is not a single mention of any Chinese presence in the most multi-ethnic context of the Holy Lands where Jews, Armenians, Canaanites, Greeks, Assyrians, Moabites, Amalekites, Edomites, Philistines, Phoenicians etc. etc. co-existed, but not any Chinese … yet a Mam-kun knows of the ‘famous’ multi ethnic country of H-ai-astan, where he can be safe, and risks life and limb to get there.

A Chinese Concept of Life-relations – Guanxi

The Chinese have a very traditional ancient life-concept that guides their socio-economic, and even sexual interaction, called guanxi = relationship, which is active even today in their system of operating Socialist market forces.  They never trade with people they have no guanxi with.  The American style of breakfast deals done today, and gone tomorrow is not to their taste at all. All those American and European businessmen who thought the growing Chinese economy will be easy prey for their racketeering fell flat on their noses.

Perhaps the erotic meaning of the word is the best way to appropriate its complex semiotic semantics; a sentence like, wo (= I) xihuan (= would like) gen (=with) ni (=you) guanxi (= sexual relationship), which implies intimate knowledge.   The commercial point of it is that a Chinese person would only trade with someone of whom he has intimate knowledge, which can only come from a long-term relationship, built on complete and total mutual trust, which could never emerge by the American style of making a fast buck.

Perhaps in the high-octane mafia-capitalism the Chinese are drawn into, the Americanization of their business mind-set is bound to change losing their ancient concept of guanxi (while the sexual aspect of the semantics may not).  In the context of Khorenatsi’s scant information, the classical concept of the guanxi is coded, suggesting that the nobleman Mam-kun had a life-long guanxi with the ancient Armenians, the country of love = ai-guo (guo = astan/vosdan = land/country/piece of earth), his ancestral land, memorialized in his Chinese language flooded with the Armenian name-tag of his forefathers hai from time immemorial.

History in the Making, and a very Serious Warning to Armenia’s genocidal Enemies

On the 27th December, 1991, The People’s Republic of China had officially recognized the independent Republic of Armenia (after the collapse of the Soviet Union).  The Chinese initiated the establishment of diplomatic relations on the 6th of April 1992, followed soon after (in July of the same year) by the arrival of a Chinese ambassador in Yerevan, the capital city of Armenia.

You would think that the Chinese (like Khorenatsi’s aristocratic hero, Mam-kun of China) were very keen on strengthening and defending their little brother of Armenia – Mao’s communist comrades-in-arms were all very fond of the Armenian Anastas Mikoyan, sometime President of the Soviet Union, whose brother was the inventor of the MIG Soviet fighter jets.

There was a famous political joke from that period – when an averagely educated dumb-ass American official asks President Mikoyan; “Armenians? How many are you?”.

Mikoyan answers with a foxy smile; “With the Chinese, we are 3 billion” (the number of the Chinese population at the time, while Armenians counted only 3 million).  It took the new mafia-capitalist Armenian Republican breed five very long years (August, 1996) to open an Armenian Embassy in Beijing.  Why?

Presumably, the Armenian state was too impoverished to afford one (the Armenian ambassador sleeps in the Embassy!), rather, the corrupt leadership was too busy stuffing their pockets with cocaine-infested US dollars; on 16th August 2009, a frightening research was published by a Chinese/American Professor of Biochemistry, Yuegang Zuo (from the University of Massachusetts in Dartmouth/USA in most of the US media (National Geographic News, CNN etc.) that 90% of US Dollar bills carried traces of Cocaine, turning America into the world’s most powerful drugged up country Armenian mafia-oligarchs love!

Then, in September 2003, a very high-level Chinese government delegation including members of the Politburo Standing Committee of the Chinese Communist Party (led by Luo Gan, if I remember rightly) suddenly arrived in Yerevan, taking the highest level Armenian government Mafiosi by total surprise.  The semi-literate Armenian political leadership was puzzled and did not understand why the Chinese had come to Armenia, and seeking what?

Meanwhile, the Foreign Minister of Armenia paid a visit to the Armenian Community in London, and in a public Question-and-Answer session, he could only express his own puzzlement about the immediate reason of the Chinese visitors, and took it as no more than an occasion for a polite diplomatic get-together. The Foreign Minister was trying hard to paper over Armenia’s frightful inadequacies in terms of a lack of trained cadres, and financial resources to promote lively and healthy relations with all United Nations members.

Unfortunately, such selectivity in international affairs also reeks of racism, as I myself was the target of Internet Armenian Nazi Nzhdeh-ist trolls scorning me for admiring the language (Chinese) of “the nation of the almond-shaped eyes”, my own father having been one, as his family was Mam-kun-yants related.

I shall now reveal, for the very first time my own solution of the Chinese political conundrum; at the millennial historical turn-around (towards the end of 2000), while I myself was invited by the Swedenborg Society in London, to deliver the millennial Lecture about the modern significance of the Swedish Christian Sage of the 18th century, Baroness Caroline Cox, the Deputy Speaker of United Kingdom’s House of Lords, and the Saint of Karabagh – she had single handedly organized over 40 Charity flights to save the Armenians of Karabagh from being torn apart by the genocidal hyenas of the Islamic killing machines of Azerbaijan.

I do not know what those cargo planes contained.  All I know is that Lady Cox, as a Christian miracle-worker, and an incontestable fact of history, could save the people of Karabagh save themselves heroically, from the teeth of the Islamic proto-ISIS terrorists.  At the time, at the hot hub of shaitan (= Arabic for “Satan”), the totally well-informed Baroness Cox had the courage to warn the London Armenian Community in an open letter to the Armenian media, that there is a very serious threat developing, to complete the unfinished business of the genocide perpetrated by the Turks in 1915.

The alarm bells the Lady rang long and hard was very serious indeed – it was genocidal.  You could not be an Armenian patriot (humbly, like me, not though a Nationalist feeling superior to others) and do nothing.

I dispatched a personal and confidential letter to the Chinese President of the time, Zhang Zemin, sending him a copy of Lady Cox’s published letter, and asking the President of China to literally protect and save our nation, their little brothers, as a necessary tribute, in Communist solidarity to their historical … Mamkun, the progenitor of Armenia’s own glorious Soldiery.

I publish herewith this historical document for the first time in this centenary year of the genocide of the Armenians, exactly as I had produced it fifteen years ago, as a warning to all our neo-Nazi ultra-nationalist Turkish and Azerbaijani enemies, that our Big Brothers, the Chinese are in Armenia to defend us.

That is why also a second very high level delegation of the members of the Politburo Standing Committee of the Chinese communist party led by Li Chongchun visited Armenia in April 2011.  And President Sargsyan (in his own spelling) was lucky to receive a Chinese Honorary Doctorate a week or two ago.  It would be interesting to see what he could do with it…







PROFESSOR HOVHANNESS I. PILIKIAN, B.A. in Eng. Lit. (American Uni of Beirut), B.Sc. Hons. in Psych. (Open Uni),

M.A. in Soc. Anth. (Sch of Oriental & African Studies),

Gulbenkian Foundation Scholar in Econ. (LSE) (London Uni),

D.A.A.D-Fellow (Uni of Munich), D.G.G.B,

Dip. Th. Pr. (R A D A), Cert. Hum (Open),

Adamian Award (Ministry of Culture – Armenian S.S.R.), Sometime Fellow R.A.I.,


Contributor to Encyclopaedia Britannica



Very Urgent

Entirely Private & Totally Confidential

20 August 2000

Jiang Zemin Esq.

President of China

Office of the President, Beijing

Dear President Zemin,

       I write this with a heavy heart and enormous urgency.

       You may have heard of Baroness Cox, Deputy Speaker of the House of Lords of Great Britain.  I enclose a copy of her Open Letter to the Armenian People for your urgent perusal.  It is a most frightening wake-up call.  It seems the Chechen terrorists President Putin chased out of Russia have turned grey wolves in Azerbaijan and Turkey planning to drink Armenian blood next (perhaps in memory of their ancestors, who were used in Ottoman Turkey once, to genocide the Armenian nation), while the Anglo-American governments who arm them for oil are laughing their heads off, like hyenas..

        I would place the fate of my nation in your hands.  You have the Power to save us.  We, like Chairman Mao’s China, owe our national survival to Soviet Communism.  Our national interests overlap.  Now, Communist China alone in this corrupt world of global capitalism can and must bring Justice to the Armenians, by helping them keep Garabagh, acquire Nakhichevan, Akhalkalak and other areas in the Caucasian region stolen from us by the Ottoman genocide.

       The Armenians are the oldest People on this Planet according to the historical record in the Old Testament; Noah’s Ark stopped on the sacred Mountains of Ararat, the heartland of pre-historical Armenia.

       And according to our national Historian Movses Khorenatsi (5th c. AD), a Chinese Nobleman by the name of MamKun found refuge in Armenia from his enemies, and moreover, became Armenian and founded our Aristocratic Dynasty of Mamkun-yan-s, who became the military defenders of all the Armenian Kingdoms that constituted historical Armenia (most of present day Turkey).

        Saving the Armenians from extinction can be the greatest, noblest act of any Presidency.   I am certain you can perform such a miracle.

Yours truly

Professor Hovhanness I. Pilikian






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